We are
front-end and back-end specialists.

We specialize in creation and development of both small and big websites. Our accommodating and individual approach is one of the reasons 100% clients recommend us.

You can find us in Prague and Pilsen

What do we do?

We're fully engaged in 3 fields

Back end development

Back-end development

We use current technologies, which make our websites fast, safe, and faultless. Our back end is clear and legible, so it's easily upgradable.

We respect a seemingly insignificant principle — we keep our source codes neat.

Front end development

Front-end development

We care about the loading speed of the website, we minimize styles and javascripts. We write a clean, flawless, fully responsive and graphically accurate front end.

Our next step is usually the connection to the back end. We'll either develop our own, modify your existing one, or create a completely new API.

Project takeover

Project takeover

We can take over any project, regardless of its condition, and further develop it using modern technologies.

Together, we'll consider whether we shall develop the existing code or rewrite it, which will bring the application to the top level of technology.

How it works

You'll keep a good track of everything, that's what makes working with us unique.

  1. We'll discuss your project

    • We'll talk about your needs, and we'll suggest a suitable technological solution.
    • Based on our experience, we'll advise you how to approach your project, where to invest and where to find another solution. We'll set it up the way which makes sense.
  2. You'll keep track of everything during our cooperation

    • We'll divide the entire project into smaller parts, and we'll handle each of them step by step and stick to the deadlines.
    • We'll consult everything you need with you and you'll be able to be a part of our process through Asana task manager.
  3. Completion of the project and its further development

    • After launching the website, we usually gradually add more functionalities according to your wishes and we continue to develop it. We maintain a long-term partnership with most of our customers.
    • Thanks to our collaboration with various specialists from other fields, we'll arrange for you the necessary follow-up steps, such Google Analytics metrics, online marketing, SEO optimization and more.

It's all about discussion. We don't like putting people into a pigeonhole. We'll be happy to discuss a possible solution with you and find a way fitting both you and us.

It's natural to have many questions. Find the answers for the most frequent ones below

  • We believe that customer recommendations are the best and most objective ones. Our clients will be happy to share their experience of working with us which may make your decision-making process easier.

  • Based on our experience, we'll evaluate whether the code is worth revitalization or if it's better to find a completely new solution. In any case, we are ready to help you and perform a further development of the project according to your ideas.

  • There's no clear answer for this question. Each project is individual and requires a different time cost. In general, we can say that the implementation of a small project like kavanaklik.cz takes about 1-3 months. Completing a large site, such as cdtravel.cz, may take more than 6 months.

  • It's usually based on monthly reports. We send a report of hours worked to the customer for approval and then we issue an invoice. If you prefer another way, let us know, we will definitely find a solution fitting all of us.

  • Yes, we are used to working with experts from various fields, with whom we solve everything that is necessary.

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We've worked on many projects. Take a look at some of them

Darujspravne.cz donor portal has been helping donors and non-profit organizations for more than 10 years. In order to carry on its development, we need a reliable, innovative and professional IT partner; there's no doubt Involve is that kind of a partner.

Klára Libertová – manager
of Donors Forum donation programme


A very good impression of the individual approach and efficient way of working. Personally, I like their ability to understand our point of view and the effort to suggest the most suitable procedure. They deal with any urgent requests willingly and promptly.

Jan Záhora,
a founder and executive director


Everyone from this company whom we met gave the impression of a professional interested in the result. Speaking of our other projects, we often met professionals when negotiating a contract but during the actual cooperation we were dealing with people of a completely different kind.

David Lipka,
Vice President for Enrollment Management


I like the principle of arranging a project (task, concept), phasing it out in Asana and then working on it and keeping track of development progress, which makes the invoicing clear.

Daniel Boháček,
executive director


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Jan Tölg

“You can speak directly with one of the founders of Involve – Honza Tölg”

+420 774 000 025 jan.tolg@involve.cz

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your project . We can meet in Prague, Pilsen, or online.

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