Development of Frenkee, an online finance services comparison app

Our task was:
front end
back end
development of a portal
Project scope:
7 financial products. Each of them contains a guide, calculators, content pages and ordering process, all in 5 languages.
  • We started working on the project in December 2018.

  • We launched a 
    MVP in November 2019.

  • This was followed by further development of the application and gradual addition of other products.

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Development of Frenkee, an online finance services comparison app

Our job was to create a virtually greenfield project; an extensive dynamic financial portal which offers a wide portfolio of services ranging from travel insurance and insurance for foreigners to mortgages. Currently the portal offers 7 financial products and it's available in 5 language mutations.

How did it start?

The idea was born in the head of Jirka Hluchý, who has many years of experience in the field of finance. Together with his team, he began to prepare the project and establish cooperation with insurance companies and other financial institutions. Their aim was to use their know-how in the online environment and create a virtual financial advisor. And that's how Frenkee came into being.

Development of Frenkee, an online finance services comparison app

How did we proceed?

Considering this project is largely based on API integrations with 3rd parties (insurance companies and banks), we started the development in an iterative way, i.e. after the completion of the MVP, we gradually implement new products.

Estimating the processing time of the whole project in advance is difficult, in fact impossible; it depends on many factors that we cannot influence, such as the IT support of insurance companies, the chosen technology, the quality and up-to-dateness of the API as well as the complexity of the product itself.

The project involves a wide team of specialists (an analyst, a UXer, marketer, graphic designer, copywriter, etc.). with whom we closely cooperate and we communicate via the Asana task manager. We manage to efficiently handle all tasks ranging from the change of the text to the implementation of a new product.

Frenkee is one of the complex projects – we had to face various challenges

  • Cooperation with third parties. Sometimes it was necessary to take into account the different procedures and processes of some partners, whether of a technical or communication nature. Considering the project is based on the cooperation of different platforms, it is necessary to coordinate and agree on the launch of the products on both sides.
  • Team flexibility. Since the implementation of new products depends on various factors and its complexity is difficult to estimate, it can be hard to finish it on time. However, our Involve team is able to mobilize its forces, and in one case, 9 of its members worked on the project at one time.
  • Reliability approaching 100%. A portal of this size requires perfect accessibility. One of the methods we use to achieve it is the use of Selenium tests; we also have a group of testers and we keep expanding and improving test scenarios, which facilitates and speeds up the implementation of new products. We also detect possible website errors in real time using the Sentry tool.

We constantly take care of Frenkee and if it's necessary to handle an unexpected situation, we're available even in the evenings and at weekends.

Development of Frenkee, an online finance services comparison app

What was the result?

With his motto "Online without annoying meetings", Frenkee has become a reliable virtual financial advisor and more and more customers place their trust in him and he helps them arrange the necessary financial products remotely also during the difficult era of the pandemics.

How does Jiří Hluchý, the founder of Frenkee, evaluate our work?

The aspects I appreciate the most are your precision and the fact that I can rely on you to follow the assignment perfectly without the necessity to be constantly checked. In addition, you come up with your own ideas, of easier and cheaper solutions. Having experience with other developers, I can say the client experience is incomparable. In favor of Involve. Although I'm an IT amateur, with the help of the guys from Involve, I quickly got "inside" and everything runs smoothly.

Jiří Hluchý

Jiří Hluchý,

What did the project bring us?

Frenkee was a huge challenge for me and our team, especially from the point of view of being a part of a wide team of specialists (copywriting, UX, marketing, analytics, etc.). Therefore, it was necessary to function well in the team and minimize friction. Fortunately, we managed to fine-tune it after a short time, so we were able to work as efficiently as possible.

Another challenge for me, as a project manager and lead programmer, was to keep up the pace of development. This was significantly facilitated by connecting senior developers directly with the client and other specialists in Asana. They were able to consult all the necessary information directly, which considerably contributed to reducing unnecessary administrative costs.

David Škarda

David Škarda,
Project manager

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